Learn filmmaking, books, DVD's, CD's.


"Think twice before getting ripped off by acting school and teacher that claimed they would help you but are just interested by getting your money out of your pocket!

I learned the hard way but you don't have too. 

This course will guide you step by step. Sooner that you think, you will be a filmmaker producing and  for a fraction of the price and time you would have spend at school. 

This Methods is a great investment!"




Everything you need to know to make your project come alive, from correct focus to exposure to how to move the camera properly. 

Technicalities are not an issue anymore, you will become a real expert!



The whole package to produce your Film and make it happen in Hollywood, from start to finish (including putting a script together, casting, renting versus owning your material, financing your movie, producing and distributing).


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