Acting Manuals and Methods that actually works! 



"Everything you need to get started in the Acting world from A-Z. It will save you months of trying to figure things out by yourself and a tones of money that you don't have to spent on classes and workshops. I speak from experience, this book is priceless."




"Supporting your acting career without money is almost impossible. 

Like a lot of people in the industry I have been waiting tables all day and all night without sometimes having a meal or a glass of water in my stomach.

Today I am free from my day to day job and if I could do it you can do it too."



"Finding acting roles in a Big Hollywoodian Production is almost impossible without a good american accent. 

I am French and for me I wish I would have found that book earlier."



"American Idol Audition Secrets that can get YOU past the first round of the show! Easy!!!"




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